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12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

Exosomes: metabolic nano-machines encoding complex signals

Juan Falcon (CICbioGUNE)

For many years, cell biologists were focused on what was happening inside cells, without paying too much attention to the reactions and processes that were happening in the intercellular space. A revolution of this intracellular view followed the discovery of small biological vesicles observed outside cells and circulating in the bodily fluids. In the past decade, it has been shown that most of the cell-types forming the body synthesise and secrete small vesicles, exosomes, which interchange materials and signals with the adjacent and distal cells of the body. Dr. Falcon´s group was pioneer in the study of exosomes secreted by hepatocytes and showed that they carry active enzymes that had a significant impact in the serum metabolic composition suggesting that they could have important consequences in different pathophysiological processes including drug-induced liver injury and regeneration. Furthermore, his group has shown that exosomes can be useful in identifying minimally invasive markers and provided a repertoire of molecules that could aid in the development of novel diagnostic and prognostic tools. Finally, his group is also very active in studying novel strategies to isolate and quantify them as well as in the development of exosomes-based therapeutics tools.


12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

To Be Announced

Prof. Fabrizio Mancin (University of Padua, Italy)


12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

Five dimensional optoacoustic imaging

Dr. José Luis Deán Ben (Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Germany)