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12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

In Vivo studies using a nebulized lipidic nanoparticulate system against lung invasion of highly breast cancer metastases fixation

Dr. Mafalda Ascensão Videira (iMed.ULisboa. Portugal)

Highly malignant Triple negative breast cancer cells (TNBC), known by the lack of hormone receptors, have been characterized by the presence of a cell subpopulation with stem cell-like properties within their microenvironment. Cancer stem cells (CSC), are able to produce differentiated sub-populations and have been related to tumor metastisation, including lung invasion, owing its ability to undergo epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). So far, chemotherapy for invasive tumours presents a non satisfactory efficacy and advanced breast cancer remains a leading cause of death each year. Lung metastases of malignant tumors are characterized by a poor survival after diagnosis. To this fact contributes the limited therapeutic options and the lack of reliable biomarkers to identify patients at risk of lung metastasization. Drug reposition can be achieved using Lipid-based nanoparticles as an innovative approach to the formulation of anticancer agents known by their efficacy. This strategy was devised to modify key properties, without altering the drug efficacy. We have developed a lipid-based platform that enables to change the administration route increasing cells exposure to the drug and reducing systemic side effects. The herein proposed pre-clinical protocol was designed to evaluate the therapeutic effectiveness against lung metastases from primary breast cancer of paclitaxel entrapped in a lipid carrier system when administered by inhalation. Therapeutic outcomes and drug bioavailability were improved, using the concept of drug incorporation into a nanocarrier, being therefore an innovative selective therapy increasing drug bioavailability and intracellular accumulation.


12.30 pm, Edificio central Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa

Christmas Lecture: Deciphering the secrets of Imsety

Dr. Malu Martínez Chantar

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