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12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

Plasmonic Nanostructure: Identification, Detection and Killing of Escherichia Coli

Prof. Sabine Szunerits (LILLE 1 University, France)

Like any other pathogen, Escherichia coli (E. coli) shows a high reproductive rate under optimal conditions posing a major threat to human health and society at large. The development of bacterial strains that are multiresistant to antibiotic treatments has currently reached a critical level, invalidating major antimicrobial drugs for clinical use. These and other considerations have seen an increased interest in the development of non-biocidal anti-infective strategies as alternatives to antibiotics, as these would be expected to show reduced tendency to potentiate resistant strains evolving. We have recently shown that an appealing strategy is the use of anti-adhesive molecules that target specifically initial interaction events between bacteria and surfaces, steps critical for effective colonization and establishment of biofilm by pathogens. Motivated by this work, we developed plasmonic interfaces which allowed to investigate in an easy and efficient manner the adhesion behavior of different Escherichia coli strains as well as its selective analytical detection. We took furthermore advantage of the excellent light absorption properties of graphene-coated gold nanorods in the near-infrared (NIR) to photothermally kill selective gram-negative pathogens up to 99% in 10 min.


12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

Photoactivation of Anticancer Metal Complexes Using Nanoparticles

Luca Salassa