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12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

Protein-based functional nanostructures and multifunctional nanoparticles

Aitziber L. Cortajarena (CNB-CSIC-IMDEA)

Protein-based functional nanostructures The precise synthesis of nano-devices with tailored complex structures and properties is a requisite for their use in nanotechnology and medicine. Bottom-up self-assembly that relies on highly specific biomolecular interactions of simple components, is an attractive approach for nanostructure templating. Here, we use self-assembling protein building blocks as templates for nanofabrication. In nature, protein assemblies govern sophisticated structures and functions, which are inspiration to engineer novel assemblies by exploiting the same set of tools to create nanostructures with numerous potential applications.

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12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

To Be Announced

Dr. Anna Roig (ICMAB-CSIC)


12.00 pm, Seminar Room on the 1st Floor

To Be Announced

Prof. Carlito Lebrilla (UC Davis, USA)