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CIC biomaGUNE is a non-profit research organization created to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the highest levels in the Basque Country following the BIOBASQUE policy in order to create a new business sector based on biosciences.


Research Highlights

The Richter Lab, in collaboration with researchers from the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark and France, have published a paper on the stabilization of extracellular matrices rich in the polysaccharide hyaluronan (HA) by three extracellular proteins and proteoglycans. The paper, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, provides novel insights into the regulation of HA-protein interactions and the assembly of HA-rich extracellular matrices, of importance in inflammation and fertilization.

Article: Incorporation of pentraxin 3 into hyaluronan matrices is tightly regulated and promotes matrix cross-linking.
Autors: Natalia S. Baranova, A. Inforzato, A.; David C. Briggs, V. Tilakaratna, Jan J. Enghild, Caroline M. Milner, Anthony J. Day, Ralf P. Richter, R. P. J. Biol. Chem. 2014, 289, 30481-98.
Journal: Journal of...




Prof. Jesus Ugalde (EHU-UPV)

Benefits from Electronic Structure Computing. A Case Study: Modeling of Electron Transfer triggered by Quantum Dot Photoactivation.